the unflappably faithful
"They sparkled even in the darkening afternoon. They sparkled like yellow diamonds, and embers of blood and thorny stars.”
"Father? Are you busy? May I speak with you a moment?"



Frexspar sat by the fireside, the nights were drawing in and the only heat in the house was here, he looked up and smiled at his beloved daughter, “There you are Nessa, don’t worry you aren’t disturbing me at all, what is it?”

Frexspar bowed his head as she said, “You aren’t sinful at all” guilt washed over him, he was full of sin, he had been punished by the Unnamed God for his late wife’s wanton ways, cursed with a soulless daughter who was tainted green, punished with a daughter who could not walk constant reminders of his inadequacy as a man… as a father.

As her hand touched his he looked up slowly, her eyes seemed to be peering into her very soul, “Meet him?” His voice trembled, “Meet him? Why should I want to meet him?” He continued the sentence in his own head, “Why would I want to meet the one who will steal you away from me?”

"Oh, Father," Nessarose, so unused to not seeing exactly as her father did, found herself faltering in her attempts to explain. She did not want to put a halt to whatever tentative attempt at a relationship she’d begun, especially since it had been so hard to find company at the start of the year, but how could she adequately defend Boq? It wasn’t as if Nessa had been expecting to form any kind of romantic attachment during her time at Shiz and she had never discussed anything of the kind with her father before now, assuming that it was a problem that would only occur in some foggy, distant future. Her father’s voice was shaking; Nessa felt faintly worried upon hearing it and clutched tightly at his hands.

"I only thought that it might set your mind at rest, Father. He’s a sweet boy, really, and neither of us would want to upset you." Her nervousness was evident on her face by this point, and her brow became yet more deeply furrowed as she asked, "You aren’t upset, are you?"

we deserve each other, don’tcha see?

this is our chance

"And I assume those attempts were sadly luckless? I'm certain they were wonderful, nonetheless. But as for smiling, I just prefer not to smile. It feels like a grimace," the girl explained, hands going back to picking at the end of her sleeves.

"I tried my best, of course, but your mother is a stubborn sort. As are you, it would seem." She tilted her head, trying to get a better glimpse of her niece’s expression, and added, "It seems foolish never to smile. Isn’t there enough to smile about in this world?"


"…Shiz? No, never heard of it. Sounds awful, though—anyway, no, this is New York. How’d you get here of all places by accident, anyway?”

"Well it’s quite a prestigious university, actually, and…I’m not entirely sure. I had thought I was wondering about in a different town and suddenly the buildings looked different…it feels like sorcery." The admission that such a thing could have been involved was unpleasant enough, and Nessa bowed her head in a quick, silent prayer before adding, "Whatever it is, I’m not particularly grateful to it. I presume you have no idea how I could return?"


"Ah-no. It’s made up of three kingdoms-Arendelle, Sweden and Denmark." Elsa explained. "Is everything alright?"

"Yes, thank you, although…" She trailed off, aware that her answer was less than satisfactory and searching for some clue as to her whereabouts. Evidently she had managed to end up far from home, but it would still be nice not to seem quite so hopelessly lost. "I’m afraid my whereabouts are…somewhat unfamiliar. Are these…Vinkus places?"


Nate had left the house about three hours ago, when he decided that the screaming had become too loud to bear. This happened more often than not nowadays and it hadn’t gone unnoticed in the the neighborhood. Nate had managed to slip away in all the commotion, and he was sure that his drunk and rambling father would forget his existence long enough for him to spend a few hours getting high in the alley.

He hadn’t noticed the figure that was slowly moving towards him until she was close enough to breath in his second-hand smoke. An almost mischievous grin reached his lips as he pushed himself away from the wall he had leant upon in order to interact with the girl. Never one for a friendly greeting, he walked two paces towards her, and eyed her up and down, settling his eyes on her wheelchair. “The fuck is wrong with you?” 

Oh. For once, Nessarose felt more angered than she did hurt, with this boy being a near stranger, not one of her peers, and seemingly unwilling to make the slightest attempt to conceal his ill-mannered curiosity. She stiffened, frowning in disapproval at the boy’s impertinence (his choice of language was appalling too, he smelt of something less than savoury, and he seemed so scruffy, so unclean), and straightened up before answering his question. There was no apparent need to cower in front of this child, especially not as she was attempting to demonstrate her own maturity. 

"There were complications during my birth." Her answer was clipped, her impatience barely concealed. "And now if you don’t mind stepping aside, I would like to pass through here."


"Of course, dear, but come here. Spend some time with your Mother. You and Elphaba are always reading books. Give your eyes a break, child." Melena said, patting a spot on the bed for Nessarose to join if she chose to do so.

"Oh…then yes, Mother. Of course." Brow knotted slightly in confusion, Nessarose made her way carefully towards the bed, glancing up at her mother expectantly. She wasn’t used to idle conversation and could not think of anything to say, presuming that her mother had some topic in mind. Why else call Nessa over, when her father had made it so clear that it was right for her to spend time in prayer?


"I don’t really know what it is." Matilda admitted, looking up from her glass. "But my teacher called it a phenomenon. And I dunno… maybe I am."

"It certainly seems like sorcery. I suppose my sister possesses similar powers, yet she struggles to control them even now and she’s much older than you. You must be very…” Her brow furrowed for a moment, before settling on a word that seemed far too complimentary to be in line with her own feelings on sorcery, yet at least was not offensive. “…Talented, I suppose. But who is teaching you all this?”

"Oh mother would pay no mind to them. You know how she is. Considering you managed for this long, I can believe you. And Aunt Nessa? I hadn't noticed it before but your smile is really nice. It suits you well."

"Goodness, yes - I’ve tried often enough myself. And…thank you. I presume yours would be equally becoming, but you seem a very serious child insofar." 


"I could but why do you want to know?" She questioned, wondering why the girl would care so much about her green skin since not many people usually cared. 

"I suppose…I’ve never known anyone to have this in common with Elphaba before." Nessarose paused, lips pressed together, careful not to cause offence. It was difficult, after years of hearing her sister’s self-deprecating remarks, to remember that this woman might not be so self conscious, and she so desperately wanted some kind of explanation. "And Father never did find out what had caused it, exactly."